Color highlights disappear when I print a report

I create a lot of Zotero notes and then generate reports to work and share those notes. In order to do that, I print the reports as pdf, with tools such as pdf creator or Microsoft print to pdf. The only problem is when I highlight text in the notes using different colors (which I do a lot, so that I immediately spot the important stuff and quotes), the highlight doesn't appear in the printed report. If I write, say in blue, then the text will appear in blue in the pdf report, so it' not a problem of printing the colors in general. Only the highlights disappear.
Has anyone had this problem and know how to solve it?
  • When and how exactly are you highlighting? In what program? Before or after converting to PDF?
  • Thank you for answering. Sorry I should have used the right English term (I'm a user of French Zotero).
    By "highlight", I mean the "background color" button in the note window, the button right next to "text colour". So I use this button (background color) while writing my note in Zotero, the effect is the same as highlighting. When I generate the report as an html file, I can still see the background colors. But when I print to pdf, whatever the program I use, they disappear.
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    Ah, okay. That needs a small tweak to Zotero's CSS files for the reports. In the mean time, you can save the report as an HTML file, then open it in your browser. Set your browser to Print Background Colors and Images (in Firefox, this is under File -> Page Setup; in Chrome, I think it is in the same place, if not, try this extension: Then print to PDF from your browser.
  • That worked perfectly! Thank you for your help.
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