Do some searches provide incorrect results?

I have a saved search that appears to be giving completely incorrect results? It is a "match all" with two criteria: (1) another saved search that does a "match all" of (a) items with no PDF attachments and (b) items belonging to a sub-collection at four levels down in the hierarchy and (2) items belonging to a sub-collection at five levels down in the hierarchy. I seem to have had issues exporting when the collection was at five levels down, so I'm wondering whether depth in the hierarchy is the issue with searches as well.
  • There is not a general problem with search results. What exactly are your search critieria?
  • I wouldn't be surprised if hierarchies many levels deep cause issues -- deep hierarchies have crept up as an issue before.
  • Well, I seem to have gotten the correct result by unclicking the box "Include parent and child items of matching items." I'm not sure why I had it chosen in the first place. It may be a bug that I got the results I did with that box checked, since the items I'm searching for are just about all parentless and childless, yet a whole slew of these parentless and childless items were returned with that box clicked but not with it unclicked.
  • Ah yes, that option would produce weird results when searching for attachment properties (The fact that these options are virtually unintelligible is one of my pet peeves with the Advanced Search)
  • Yes, I find them quite hard to understand (particularly "Include parent and child items of matching items") and must sometimes rehearse their exact function. So it's reassuring to know I'm in good company.
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