Global delete of PDF files from Library?

I had previously been downloading free PDFs to my library but now I have a computer with a smaller hard drive and I am trying to free up storage space. Rather than deleting PDFs one by one, is there a way to do this globally? I already have shut off the option to automatically download PDFs.
  • Advanced Search

    Attachment File Type -- is -- PDF

    Create a saved search

    In the saved search, select all (ctrl+a or cmd+a on a Mac), right-click and move to trash.

    This will also remove the PDFs on the Zotero servers, though, so be sure that you want to do that.
  • Thank you. This worked great!
  • Another option would be to change your sync settings for attachments to As Needed, then open your Zotero data folder and search for *.pdf and delete them there. This will keep them in the Zotero server but delete them from your local computer.
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