Zotero not using Ibid on Harvard style

Hi guys, I hope someone can help me.

Im using Harvard style on Zotero but somehow I dont get the ''ibid'' when im adding citation twice in a row, but both or more cications shows the same author. example

shshsh (Askland and Sataøen, 2011, p. 22) sdf sdf sdf swde (Askland and Sataøen, 2011, p. 11) shshs (Askland and Sataøen, 2011, p. 100)

what is wrong with my zotero ? :(
  • Author-Date (i.e., "Harvard") styles virtually never use "ibid" (which is generally only used for footnote styles), as it is very difficult to determine which reference ibid is referring to when citations are embedded in the text. By contrast, it is straightforward to determine what ibid is referring to in footnote styles because the reader can simply refer to the next higher footnote.

    Typical convention for writing with "ibid" in author-date styles is to simply include the page numbers in text—"(p. 11)"—if the reference is in the same paragraph without refering to the paper again, and to repeat the reference entirely in a new paragraph.

    Which specific Harvard style are you using? Can you provide a link to a style guide asking for ibid in an author-date style?
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    Its strange because my frend uses the same Harvard style on his PC and he gets the ''ibid'' after inserting citation twice in a row. Iv tried on my Pc and on my MacBook and I dont get the ''Ibid''

    Im quite new to this Zotero program, so im not that sharp, and in not quite shure what you mean by to provide a link to a style guide.

    Im using Elsevier- Harvard (with titles)
  • Zotero's Elsevier Harvard Style does not print ibid. (and Elsevier doesn't ask for ibid.) Your friend is most likely writing the ibids by hand or using a different style (but as bwiernik says, there are very few Harvard styles in Zotero that do ibid and I think they're all in languages other than English)
  • I figured it out, I had to switch style to UCL Harvard (danish) then it can do ibids. thanx for trying to help mate and cheers.
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