How to add a different "type" in the citation? (here @ min:sec for youtube videos)


when citing we can choose from a drop-down box more details, like for example "page" as probably the most common one. More options exist in the drop-down box, like the chapter, column, figure etc.
I would like to do a Harvard citation and include the exact min:sec for a youtube video. It further would be amazing to include in the bibliography in the link the exact bookmark to the min:sec that I want to refer to.

Any suggestions?

  • You can just use the suffix field for that
  • Timestamps aren't supported through the locator field. Instead, enter these in the Suffix field?

    @fbennett is there a way to suppress locator labels in citeproc-js through typing something in the field (ala how you can specify a locator by typing its abbreviation: subpara.)?
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