Issue importing references from Wiley

There are problems to import the date of the references from the Wiley. The date field is empty. However, if the citation is exported from the Wiley Online Library in RIS format, Zotero imports it. It happens consistently.

For example:<1::AID-BIP10>3.0.CO;2-I

  • Upsss! Sorry, I didn't check it was already reported in the Forums. Thank you!
  • No problem, thanks for reporting. Sometimes it’s just easy to direct new reports to an existing thread on the same issue.
  • @warguelles

    It was not my intent to scold for not searching the forum history. Indeed, I thought my brief reply was simply being quickly helpful.

    I hope sooner than later a way to corral the forum will be developed so that searches are easier to perform without getting a zillion irrelevant results. [I imagine that after Zotero 4 is no longer supported there will be some culling of outdated questions and answers. When that time comes I volunteer to help with the process and to also help to improve the search system.]
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