reference and bibliography messy with Zotero

Dear All, while trying to finish my thesis by using Zotero for bibliography, I use American Psychology 6 edition. when there is more than one author for a given article, zotero some times cite it with first author and et. al., and in another paragraph it cite the same reference with listing the all authors name, and that is mess.
how can i over come that problem. it is to late to start another citation tool.
thanks in advance
  • It's a bit unclear what exactly you're describing, but note that APA style will list up to 5 authors the first time a work is cited and then use author et al. for all works with more than 2 authors after that.
  • What I mean is that, if there is more thank 2 author for an artickle, zotero overlaping between et al and all author listing in the same doc. Thus, it is bit messy and I need to do all of it manually to unify them.
    Is there any solution, or shall i try another citation form. Harvard for example
  • Well, that's what APA style wants, that has nothing to do with Zotero. Most other author-date styles don't make that distinction, so pretty much any other style you'll try will have this the same way.
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