Databases -- which category to use?

I use Census microdata from a particular website that requests users cite their database in a particular manner:

But I'm a little lost on how to enter this into Zotero ... as a book, computer program or web page, or something else? None of the major styles seem to have a clear category and format for databases of this sort (or if so, I haven't seen them). This same problem applies to data from BLS, Census Bureau and a few other places.

Any thoughts?
  • I'd just use web page both because you used the database through a website & they request that you include the URL in citations.
  • perhaps, except with web page you lose "Place" and "Publisher," which are both elements of their prescribed citation.
  • If you'd like to include such things, I'd just use the "extra" field.

    However, both fields are in "computer program," so what is wrong with using that?

    (I really don't think there is a right way or wrong way to do this)
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