An unhandled exception occured. [ConvertToNoteType: field.cpp]

To insert a citation style, zotero encounters a problem and displays the following message: Zotero has encountered an error while updating your document.
An unhandled exception occured. [ConvertToNoteType: field.cpp]
The error report is: Report ID 1107281634
What should I do to overcome this problem.
Thank you
  • Are you saying this happens in a new document with the first citation or are you trying to switch citation styles? If the latter, from which to which?
  • I have the same trouble.
    I wana change the style to an other journal, and appear this report and i can not do it.
  • Which citation style to which citation style?
  • Chicago(full) to Nature
  • Do you have Chicago set to use footnotes or endnotes? If endnotes, try to first change to footnotes, then change styles.
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