How to extract annotation in Zotfile with APA format

Hello, I would like to extract annotations in APA format:

An example would be:

"It has been suggested that public school teachers are exposed to highly stressful situations which are related to psychological and psychiatric problems (Pithers, 1995)." (Ballou 2012, p.17)

Is this possible?
  • If you open the Config Editor in Zotero's Advanced preference pane, you can search for these preferences:

    You can edit those preferences to control the styling of extracting annotations.
  • Thank you so much, if you would be able to tell me exactly what to do to have it change to APA formatting that would be helpful. I am still a bit lost.
  • The preferences are basic HTML codes. I recommend experimenting with moving the parts of the formatAnnotationHighlight preference around to see how they work and what you need to change.
  • Thank you so much. I went to take a look and

    "%(content)" (%(cite))

    comes up. The (cite) is what I am questioning. How do I see what that is? It is coming up with the date and page number like this (2017:9) and I would like to change it to look more like this. (2017, p. 9) Does this make sense?
  • Bumping this, as I'm also curious. There's no indication of how to edit the (%(cite) so that annotations are in APA format as opposed to the default.
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