Importing a .ris file results in the creation of a new collection


As stated in the title, whenever I try to import a .ris file it will create a new collection no matter if the "Import into new collection" is chosen or not. I think this is occurring after recent updates.

Zotero: 5.0.50
macOS: 10.13.5

  • I'm not seeing that.

    First, to be clear, before 5.0.49, importing from a file always resulted in a new collection. The change in 5.0.49 is a new option not to create one.

    But if I go to File → Import…, choose the file option, and select a RIS file, and then deselect "Place imported collections and items into new collections", it does not create a new collection.

    If you're seeing something different, can you provide a Debug ID for an import that creates a collection?
  • Hi,

    I'm seeing something different. Generating the debug, the id is: D360167104

    Indeed, I stay on Zotero collection and click on the RIS file and it is supposed to import the data to the current selected collection, which I've been doing this in the previous versions of the software. Please look at the picture to see the option I was talking about:

  • Ah, so you're talking about just double-clicking a RIS file to import it into Zotero, not using File → "Import…".

    I've fixed that in the latest Zotero beta. The fix should be out in a release version within a few days. Thanks for reporting.
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