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When importing from Mendeley, is it possible to import *only* my Mendeley tags as Zotero tags/marqueurs?

In Mendeley My Tags were the most important thing in the organization of my library. But when I import to Zotero, I get dozens of random tags which I definitely never entered (some numbers which look suspiciously like doi numbers, bits of sentences, others...).

It seems that I have to go through each document and delete the unwanted tag manually one by one. Is there a better solution? Is there an option in zotero to disable the automatic creation of tags?

Thanks for your help!
  • The ones you don't recognize are likely automatic tags from Mendeley — they should show in orange rather than blue if you look in the Tags pane for an item. You can delete all automatic tags at once by selecting "Delete Automatic Tags in This Library…" from the menu in the tag selector in the bottom left.

    You can prevent Zotero from adding automatic tags to new items in the General pane of the prefs (though, for what it's worth, automatic tags in Zotero should generally be much higher quality than what it sounds like you had from Mendeley — Mendeley data quality is pretty bad — so if you're at all interested you could try leaving that on for a short time).
  • Thanks! I did not see a difference of colour orange/blue, but "Delete Automatic Tags in This Library…" worked perfectly!
  • The color difference only appears in the right-hand pane (i.e., the item tags pane, not the tag selector).
  • @dstillman I find the color difference really hard to see--could the red be supplemented with something like italic text, or automatic and personal tags be listed in separate sections of the pane?
  • I would vote against using italic text. Separate sections is somewhat better but still not my preference.

    I agree that the current color scheme is not easy to notice, though I've got used to it. Maybe just try darker shades of the orange and blue?
  • Hi, I have met a similar problem with enury. but mine is a little bit more tricky. some of my manual tags have the same name with the automatic ones after a mendeley importing. the delete automatic tags feature just deletes the manual ones as well if they share a same name with automatic ones. is there a way to get around this?
  • Hi. I am having the same problem. I imported from mendeley, deleted automatic tags, and I am missing many of my own tags. Any possible solution?
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