• That's not Zotero, that's your university's proxy (and is standard behavior for such proxies, for some reason I can't understand).
  • Well, listed where? @da5ny, do you just mean the link when you hover over the DOI link in your browser? Because yes, your university proxy will overwrite all links on the webpage, and that doesn't have anything to do with Zotero. The entry in Zotero in the DOI field should be correct regardless.
  • Thanks @adamsmith and @dstillman
    Sounds like this is not a Zotero problem.
    But it does seem unfortunate; in this case I was looking to copy/paste the doi and send on but realised that this wouldn't work as it had been modified.
    (@dstillman - I checked and you are correct, the doi metadata is unaffected)
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    If you're seeing what I'm seeing, you can just highlight and copy the visible DOI link, which isn't changed. It's just the underlying hyperlink.
  • For me unfortunately it is the visible link also
  • Yes, I'm seeing this for the visible link, too. EZ Proxy and related applications do a number of annoying things like that, but as you say, completely unrelated to Zotero. You could write to your library and ask about this -- if dstillman sees something different that may mean it's configurable, and it's clearly the case that leaving the visible DOI alone is preferable.
  • Agreed. Shall do.
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    Yeah, this is what I see:
    First published: March 1956 https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1478-4408.1956.tb02125.x Cited by: 41
    The underlying link is proxied.
  • (in case you hadn't noticed, for Wiley you can actually just copy the last bit of the URL to get the doi -- but obviously that's not a real solution and you still have to manually add the https://doi.org bit)
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