when i want to open zotero to continue my work on word i get this message:

Erreur de mise à niveau de la base de données

Error: Error(s) encountered during statement execution: attempt to write a readonly database [QUERY: DELETE FROM itemTypesCombined] [PARAMS: ] [ERROR: attempt to write a readonly database]
From previous event:

PLEASE I NEED HELP, i have to finish my work in less then a week and i am stuck.
thank you
kind regards
  • attempt to write a readonly database
    Do you have your Zotero data directory located in a custom location?

    Does your current user account have write permissions to the data directory?
  • 1/ my zotero is located in in Disk (C:) / Program Files *86/zotero
    2/ i have no idea what it is !
  • That's the application directory, not the data directory. I provided a link to instructions for finding your data directory.
  • i found it by searching for "zotero.sqlite", there is 4 files:
  • The question is where those files are located — the default location, which would be "Zotero" inside your home directory, or a custom location you've chosen — and whether your user account has write access to the files.
  • You can also try simply restarting your computer, which might fix this.
  • they are located in: Desktop/username file/Zotero
    and yes i do have write access to all 4 files.
    what should i do now?
    ps: thank you for your patience.
  • Do you mean C:\:username:\Zotero, or do you really mean …Desktop\:username:\Zotero? If the latter, that sounds like you transferred these from another computer, which would be an easy way for the permissions to be incorrect.

    This should be simple: check the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences and see if it says it's using the default location.

    In any case, you'll need to figure out why Zotero can't write to the file. This isn't a problem in Zotero itself.
  • okay, let me tell what i did, to save my data i copied the data directory in a new folder located in my desktop. and then automatically that folder was "only reading".
    after that zotero stoped responding no matter how much i uninstalled Zotero, every time the app goes back to this files but can't get access to the data.
    i got it back now.
    thank you for your help
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