How to import Endnote styles into Zotero


I am using Zotero for the first time and I really like the simplicity of the program. I am writing my masters degree at the moment and the reference styles that I am supposed to use are endnote styles. I have tried to follow the how to incorporate endnote style into zotero step by step but it dosen`t seem to work. I follow these steps:

Go to the EndNote styles page and download the style you want.

Open Zotero. Go to Preferences (under Zotero, Edit, or Tools).

Click the "Cite" button.

Click the "Styles" tab.

Click the + button at the bottom right.

Select the style file you saved in step 1.

Both styles that I need are downloaded but when I try to select them they are not available ( meaning I can see them there but I cant select them).

Anyone how can help me with this. I downloaded the styles form the page of the university and the pace of the journal that I am writing for.

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