Feature request: Persistently highlight all collections that contain the selected item

edited June 18, 2018
I think it would be a good idea to persistently highlight all collections (folders) a selected item belongs to. Currently it is possible to highlight collections by holding down CTRL key (https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/collections_containing_an_item). However, I think it would be much better if the highlighting occurs without holding down the CTRL key.

If persistently highlighting selected item's collection is not possible, maybe adding a list of collections an item belongs to in the right info pane would be helpful also.

I have a very large library and very often I need to know which collections my searched item or selected item belongs to.

In addition, highlighting select item(s) when in the "Duplicate Items" collection doesn't work. When holding down CTRL key on duplicate items, I can't locate which two or more collections each of the duplicated items belong to. The situation is made worse because I am unable to select any text in the right panel (pane which contains info about the items) for copying the text so I can quickly search it.
  • @dstillman Any possibility of this feature being considered?
  • It is planned to add a Collections tab to the right item pane (among other reasons, to make it more accessible for visually-impaired users).
  • @bwiernik @adamsmith Any plans of this feature being in the future roadmap?

    I think indicating which collections an item belongs to more visually apparent, through persistent highlight of collections, would be a great user interface improvement.

    Thanks :)
  • Something is planned as I said above, but no ETA on when it might be implemented.
  • @bwiernik Thank you for letting me know. You guys are doing a great job! I love Zotero! Thank you for all your efforts.
  • Has this ever been implemented? Was looking for something like it, and it would be a great idea!
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