Stop saving HTML pages?

Whenever I click the Zotero Connector button to save an Article, I only want the PDF to be attached. But it almost always saves an HTML page as well.

I already disabled "Automatically take snapshots when creating items from web pages" setting.

Is there something else I need to do?
  • I just figured this out myself ...

    Go to: Edit (menu) -> Preferences -> Advanced (tab) -> Config Editor (button)

    Click "I accept the risk!" (button)

    Search for "snapshot" in the search box.

    Double-click "extensions.zotero.automaticSnapshots" to set the Value to false

    Now if I could only figure out how to automatically delete the thousands of Snapshots that already exist ...

  • I already have "extensions.zotero.automaticSnapshots" set to false. But I still get webpages saved.
  • @j.cossio If you turn off automatic snapshots in Preferences, that should be all. So, if it's still saving webpages, it sounds like an error. I do not have this issue in my Zotero (5.0.48).

    @dillon You could try creating a saved advanced search with "Attachment File Type is Web Page". Uncheck the "show only top-level items" and "include parent and child items of matching items" so the search only returns the webpage attachments. You will see the parent or child items, but they will be greyed out and won't get selected when you do Ctrl+A. ** Take a full backup before you do any major edits**

  • @j.cossio I see now that the preference that you mentioned is linked to that same setting in the about:config. It works for me for both the articles (saves just the PDFs) and on web pages (doesn't include the snapshot) so I don't know where to steer you now. As with @gurdas I do not have this issue in 5.0.48 in Windows/Chrome or debian/Chromium.

    @gurdas Much appreciated, worked like a charm. Delete (backspace and Del buttons and Edit menu) was disabled. After I created the saved search and hit Ctrl+A, I simply selected an item and then selected Move Items to Trash. Hadn't considered the saved search route, but I'm grateful for the tip.
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