Sharing highlighted pdfs

A student here has successfully marked up and saved pdfs of articles in his libraries. They appear to be saved locally, because when he tries to access the annotated articles from other computers, he does not see his annotations. Is there a way he can share the annotated pdfs with his research group on Zotero?
  • He needs to be using a PDF reader that saves annotations directly back to the file and updates the file timestamp. Then they'll automatically sync up on the next sync.
  • Specifically, the Skim program on Mac does not save the annotations directly to the file.
  • He is using a Mac, and when he saves the annotated file when working on his own laptop, he can retrieve it. It is only when he tries to share the web version that the annotations have disappear. Are you saying this won't happen on the Mac?
  • Depends on the software. Which software is he using to annotate?
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