Citation markers, 2 different computers (Zotero, Scrivener)

Hi all,

I use Scrivener and Zotero together for my citations. My question is, if I switch from one computer with Zotero standalone (e.g. work computer) to another computer also with Zotero standalone (e.g. desktop at home), will that screw up my citations?

Say, for example, I write a few paragraphs in Scrivener on my home computer, including a number of citation markers. Then I write a few paragraphs on my work computer, and use the RTF scan and Libre. Because my references are stored in a different location for each of the two computers, will RTF scan be unable to recognize citations from one computer to the other?

I'm not sure if I'm explaining this very well. But I think the basic question is, are the Zotero citation markers for each reference specific to the location in the Zotero database, or the stored file location on a specific computer?

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