Bug in author field ?

edited June 1, 2018

I wonder if a little bug has not been recently added in the author field.

To reproduce it:
* create a new item (no matter which one) ;
* fill the 'firstname' field but not the 'surname' one (for instance : "John");
* click on the button to turn into the one field mode ;
→ the author's name becomes "(surname) John" (one would expect to "John" only).

Everything works as if the default content of this 'surname' field has been saved as the real content.

Note that the opposite situation, if I fill the 'surname' field and not the 'firstname' one, it works differently: when I turn into one field mode, only the content of the 'surname' field appears.

Can you reproduce it ? Is it a bug or a feature I don't understand?

(Zotero 5.0.47)
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