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I'm representing a six person startup company. We're considering Zotero as our key reference manager but before taking the plunge we would like to know if Zotero could be setup in a way that suits our needs. Specifically, we envision that the Zotero library / main files would be located on our network drive and that each user would have the Zotero manager installed on their laptop to access the database.

Is this sort of setup possible? We want everyone to be able to be able to add and retrieve files to and from Zotero.

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    No, you can't share your Zotero library on a network drive. To use a library collaboratively you need to use Zotero syncing and groups.

    (The code for the sync server is open source, but it's currently pretty difficult to run locally. We'll be offering more support for custom installations in the not-too-distant future, hopefully later this year.)
  • Thanks for your quick response. I'll do some reading and see if we can make do with groups and Zotero syncing.

    Can you comment on whether we could in the future transfer the online Zotero syncing to a network drive if you start to offer custom installations?
  • It wouldn't be a network drive regardless, to be clear — it would be a server-based installation of the Zotero data server, which would have to be done by a server administrator.

    But yes, you'd likely be able to transfer items there by reconfiguring the client and syncing one of the clients that contained data.
  • OK - Thanks for the clarification. I'll consult with our team members and see where we go from there.
  • Hello !

    Is there any news about a server-based installation of the Zotero data server ?
    Or any documentation to setup it manually ?

    Thanks !
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