Zotero Connectors and Tags

I think "Zotero Connectors" (at least in Safari) doesn’t import tags. I didn’t have enough chance to investigate different database, but in JSTOR it the plugin works properly. However, the tags are not imported in the item related information. Do you have a similar experience with this issue?
  • It's not a general problem — Zotero's JSTOR translator just doesn't import keywords as tags. I'm not sure how consistently those are presented around the site, but if they're consistent someone could update the translator to retrieve them.
  • I believe that’s vividly clear where the tags (keywords/topics) are located. For instance, look at https://imgur.com/a/8FT5aXA
    I don’t have enough knowledge to update the translator, otherwise I do that myself.
  • Hello everyone,

    Regarding this topic, I was wondering how I can contribute to add this feature to the Zotero’s translators. Please let me know if you need further information.

  • not sure exactly what sort of information you´re looking for, but the short version is, a pull request to https://github.com/zotero/translators
  • A follow-up on this as I just noticed that JSTOR presents what I would call Zotero tags as "topics". They're in a variable "contentData" as json inside a script on each page. A simple `jq .topics[]` on that var grabs them as quoted text.

    This is beyond my easy reach, so hopefully someone else can handle it and has the time and energy!
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