Update message in Firefox takes me to chrome

I can't reproduce this at will, but I'm occasionally getting "an update is available for the Zotero extension" (or something to that effect -- I forgot to note it down and can't reproduce it now) when I start Firefox, but if I click it, it takes me to chrome (which is my default browser). Doing an "update extensions" in firefox doesn't see any updates. I'm on the beta connector with Google Docs support.
  • Until yesterday the beta connector version was below the warning threshold in the Zotero beta (5.0.39). The latest (5.0.40beta1) is above it, so you shouldn't get that anymore.

    And the button just takes you to your default browser. We don't bother to try to open the browser the message is for. (This message is also really mostly for Safari users who don't have auto-update. Chrome and Firefox users will generally just be up to date.)
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