title case not working

Hi, I'm using a citation style (Music Theory Spectrum) that requires title case, but when I generate a bibliography, it leaves the title in sentence case if that is how it is stored in Zotero. Is this a problem with the style? Any advice on how I can fix it?
  • It's likely a problem of the style in Zotero -- do you have a link to the author instructions that include title casing?
  • Hmm, they no longer seem to have author instructions posted - now their only guidelines say that they use author-date (which isn't exactly true, because all the articles use footnotes).

    But here's a link to the works cited list of a recent article which is available on their website, and shows the use of title case:

  • any update here? thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  • Updated style is now live. Click "Update Now" from the Zotero preferences to update and you should get title case.
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