Bulk import stopped working in 'Link to File...'

In previous editions of Zotero, it was possible to select multiple text files in a folder and import them all into Zotero. This stopped working in the present version (5.0.47).

Is this a deliberate choice or is something wrong? (In any case, it was a very useful feature.)
  • Still works for me and definitely wasn't removed on purpose. Could you say exactly what you're doing and seeing, with what sort of files, and on what operating system?
  • Zotero 5.0.47 on Win 10 Pro or Win 10 Home. No plugins installed. In 'Preferences|File Handling', everything is turned on except for 'Automatically retrieve metadata for PDFs'

    I am trying to add links to a number of PDF files:
    - Open Zotero
    - New Item (white cross in green circle)
    - Link to file...
    - Select three or more PDF files in a folder
    - Press Open
    - The first PDF file selected adds, Zotero starts to index the file
    - Second and third PDF are not added

  • Works for me on the same system. You've sorted by date added to make sure the item actually doesn't get added? Only one of the PDFs is selected after linking.

    If so, could we get a debug ID for such an operation with trying to link 2 or 3 files?
  • Here is the debug ID for an operation with 2 PDF files: D1118246411

    Same problem:
    - New Item | Link to file... | select two PDF files
    - First file is correctly added
    - Second file does not appear
    - Other operations are blocked. For instance, right-click does not work anymore, changes in the document type are not implemented, tags do not work
    - New: after 3 to 4 minutes, the second file appears and everything is normal again.
  • Exactly the same issue with 8 PDF files. Debug ID: D1187084170
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