Slow combination of duplicate entries

In Mendeley, I would link a single database entry to two or more folders. No actual pdf files were linked; just their names.

However, in migrating to Zotero, that appears to have created a very large (> 1000 ? )number of duplicate entries. The entire database now has > 10,000 entries.

I try to combine the entries on on the desktop Zotero program, but after doing so for the first combination, the program slows down to around 1 entry per 40 - 60 seconds.

I've checked the database 'integrity', and no problems are found.

I have no idea how to code and hence "Adios Mendeley, etc. are meaningless to me.

  • We'd want debug output for a slow operation:

  • From the portion of the instructions labeled "Zotero"
    Here is the ID: D386384977

    From the portion of the instructions titled "Zotero Connectors (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)" btw - I'm using Firefox.; Report ID: 775833613

    I started "manually" combining entries, first on the web, and then by searching tags on the desktop version. This appears to have sped up the combination process a little. But I'm not entirely clear.
  • I'm leaving "logging" open on both the browser and the desk-top program.
  • Browser has nothing to do with this here, you can stick with the program.
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