Exporting to Google/Highwire key-value system ?


Is there a way in Zotero to export my library to Google/Highwire key-value system metadata ?


François Maurice
  • no, sorry. What's the use case for that?
  • @adamsmith

    I'm starting an online journal with WordPress. I will enter the published articles in a collection in Zotero. From an item or from the collection I'd like to produce metadata that Zotero and Google Scholar will recognize.

    But I found a post where @bwiernik propose a script that seems to do that on WordPress. I'm waiting for his response on how use his script.

    Is this a viable use case ?

    François Maurice
  • yes, but since you can´t write header metadata in WordPress directly, this wouldn´t really help you.

    bwiernik's script or a variant of it makes a lot more sense for your purposes.
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