Trying to Verify Server (webDAV)--no verification notification

I'm setting up Zotero on a new Ubuntu 18.04 installation and can't seem to get file sync working. (I haven't had to set up a new Zotero for a while and think this could very possibly be a problem with the webDAV, but thought I'd start here.) When I enter my webDAV credentials in the sync tab of the Preferences box and click Verify Server, I get the progress bar, but nothing happens. I've also tried ENTER as opposed to clicking the button, in which case nothing happens either. I seem to recall that in earlier versions, if the server was verified, I'd get a message. Does Zotero no longer do that?

The problem with the server is obviously causing sync problems. I get "err is undefined" message when I try to sync files.

Is there a way for Zotero to verify that I've got the server set up right?

Thank you!
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