SYNC ISSUE - Outdated FF version - How do I modify the advertised version?

The systemadmins have updated the proxy and since I cannot sync with Zotero.
I took a debug file and basically found the issue, the proxy is refusing connextions because it discovers Zotero as a Firefox browser and its version is too old.

"The version of your Firefox browser is too old and may contain vulnerabilities that could be potentially exploited. Please upgrade your Firefox browser to continue to use it.
For more information on the upgrade process, please follow this procedure.
(Access Denied - firefox_version)

Anyone has a tip how to modify the installation so it advertises a later version to the proxy?

  • Can you provide a Report ID?

    Does this happen with the latest Zotero beta?
  • edited May 16, 2018
    I cannot report, I'm getting an error 'invalid response from repository'

    I did a debug using "restart with logging enabled" and analysed the log. Basically the proxy here is blocking Zotero as it sees it as a too old version of Firefox.

    EDIT: Removed the log file as it isn't needed any more and I didn't want to pollute the board
  • I will try and install the latest beta and test, and then let you know what the outcome of that is.


  • I installed the latest beta and tested, this solves the issue indeed for me.

    Thank you @dstillman
  • OK, great. That change will be included in Zotero 5.0.48, so you can switch back to the release version once that's out.
  • Great *Thumbs up*
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