Introducing ZoteroBib

  • I have noticed that in some cases ZoteroBib can recognize an article from its DOI but not from its title. Here are a few examples:

    1) Complexities of Conflict: The Importance of Considering Social Factors for Effectively Resolving Human-Wildlife Conflict: Social Factors Affecting Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution


    2) The effects of land tenure change on sustainability: human security and environmental change in southern African savannas


    3) Priorities for Global Felid Conservation: Global Felid Conservation


    I draw your attention to this matter as ZoteroBib is, otherwise, an amazingly useful tool that I use almost every day.

    With thanks.
  • @"yusuf martin": Sorry about that — there was a temporary glitch with non-identifier lookups. Those title searches will all work now. Thanks for reporting.

    (Note, though, that you'll generally get quicker results with identifiers, if you have one available.)
  • @dstillman Thank you very much and I confirm that all three of my examples now work. Brilliant!
  • funciona si deseas pegar la direccion de una pagina cuyo documento es un PDF. Manda mensaje de error....que se puede hacer por favor. Gracias.
  • I'm afraid Zotero Bib will often not work very well when pointed at a PDF. Where possible, use the URL of the page that _links_ to the PDF (e.g. the abstract page for a journal article).

    If all else fails, you'll have to input the citation information manually.
  • (We're working on returning better results for PDF URLs in ZoteroBib, though.)
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