numéro d'édition

edited May 14, 2018
bonjour, je cherche comment ajouter le numéro d'édition pour qu'il apparaisse dans ma bibliographie. Ex : 1999, 3e édition.

Hello, may someone could help me to add the number of edition in my bibliography ? example : title, year of publication, 9th edition
  • This depends on the citation style. Which are you using?
  • oops I didnt see there had been an answer :S I use iso 690. I use "extra" for the edition but maybe it is not the best choice
  • You should enter edition into the Edition field. If the item type doesn’t have an Edition field, enter it in Extra like this:
    Edition: 3

    Note that that exact structure is needed for Zotero to recognize this is the edition variable
  • I use now the "suffix" mod to enter the first dition ex : 2011 [1934]
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