How to remove or edit Zotero shortcut in chrome

I have CTRL + Z as a shortcut to save references and PDFs into my Zotero Library, however this is quite a nuisance because CTRL + Z is normally the undo shortcut, so when I am working on files online I cannot undo mistakes. I would like to either remove this shortcut or edit it to something else but me and my fellow labmates can't figure out how to do it. Is there a way to fix this problem?

Thank you (Richellesmith)
  • That'd be something you set at the bottom of the Chrome Extensions pane, and you can change it there as well.
  • Which version of Zotero and which browser? This used to exist as ctrl+shift+z in Zotero 4 for Firefox, but I don't believe Zotero 5 connectors offer any keyboard shortcuts.
  • (We still set it as Ctrl+Shift+Z in the connectors, but I think Chrome ignores that setting these days anyway and leaves it to users to change.)
  • everyone - because i wrongly searched in the extensions' options - do it here: chrome://extensions/shortcuts
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