Menu - Show search item?

Would it be generally useful - it would for me! - to add another item to the right-click menu after View PDF - Show search item.

So, if I have a list of found items (I've got 300 in the list I'm working on at the moment) instead of having to open each pdf and look for the word/s I'm interested in, I could right -click on the found item and Zotero would do all the opening and finding for me.

Maybe it would just go to the first, maybe it would present a list of them, in context, so I could see how important that item was for that term.

People have managed fine without this for years but I think it's something useful that a computer can do more efficiently than I can.

Cheers, and thanks.
  • The goal has always been to show search context snippets (the way, e.g., google does) but the current user interface framework doesn't allow that, so that'll have to wait until Zotero migrates to a different framework. That won't happen super soon, but likely will in the next couple of years.
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