404 proxy problem with tandfonline

Hi there, quick problem, when I try to go straight from a google scholar link I'm getting a 404 error and the url is this:


when it needs to be this


the first two full stops need to be dashes

Zotero Connector 5.0.39
  • In your connector preferences, click on
    under configured proxies and then remove www.tandfonline.com from the list at the bottom. That should fix this.
  • thanks adam, that fixed it
  • (This is because T&F switched from http to obligatory https)
  • Hi Adam, still having a problem, if you do this google scholar search


    then select the first entry, do you get the 404 error?

    I've deleted the entry from the list of configured proxies, then gone back to the article via my library website, the proxy gets set up, but then I still can't use the google scholar link. Is it my set up, or is there something wrong with the link from scholar?
  • So how does the redirected URL look?

    In the "Proxy" tab of the connector preferences, do you have one or two entries? If you have one that says "https", make sure it has "convert between dots and hyphens" enabled.
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