Group library - Massive amounts of duplicated items

In one of my group libraries, I am seeing many items with 7 or 8 duplicates, all created at 2:12 PM on 4/27/2018. Did something happen at that time to create all of these duplicates?

  • Created or modified? It looks like you had a large sync around that time that modified many old items. There are no items created then in the online library.
  • Hmm, the number of items increased from around 3,000 to over 7,000. I didn’t think these were present before that. Thanks.
  • Only two items have been created in the group this year.

    It's possible your local copy was somehow out of sync and pulled down a lot of old items.
  • Thanks for checking.
  • Okay, what it seems like has happened is that many items that were previously merged have become unmerged. Is there any way that that could have happened?
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