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  • I have a problem with the speed of uploading a note to word. I have tried the various options on how to better the speed on this forum to no avail. below is my Debug ID
    what can i do to improve the speed of uploading footnotes to my work?
  • This is my Debug ID after I tried to upload a footnote that took me almost 60 seconds
  • For the first one, you have a sync going, and since you're at your file sync quota, Zotero is repeatedly trying to upload files. It looks like the behavior there isn't quite right — it's trying more than it needs to — and we'll fix that, but if you don't want to add a storage subscription, you should disable file syncing from the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences.
    Integration: MacWord16-addEditCitation:'/Applications/Microsoft' complete in 10.176s
    The second one seems to show it taking 10 seconds, not 60.
  • (For the second one, @adomasven may be able to comment on whether the speed there is as expected.)
  • @damina there does not seem anything out of the ordinary with that citing operation, including its speed. Are you still experiencing slow insertions? How about in new documents?
  • I work in an organisation with roughly fifty Zotero users and many users have begun experiencing this same issue. I'm using Zotero 5.0.34 on Windows 10 with Word.

    Even in documents with few citations (my current one has 50), when I try to edit a citation there is a noticeable lag (several seconds) before the Quick Format window pops up. It used to pop up almost immediately even on much larger documents with far more citations. Users with much larger documents are noticing lags upwards of a minute.

    Is there a fix for this?
  • There have been no recent changes to this part of Zotero, so this is not expected. Could you produce a Debug ID from Zotero?

    1. In the Help menu, go to Debug Output Logging and select Enable.
    2. In a Word document with the 50 or so citations click "Add/Edit Citation" and wait for the citation dialog to show up.
    3. Before doing anything else, return to Help → Debug Output Logging and click Submit Output, which will disable logging and submit the output to A window should pop up containing a Debug ID. Click “Copy to Clipboard” and paste the Debug ID into this forum thread.
  • I get an error every time I try to submit output.

    I copied the log output though. Can I send it to you privately somehow?
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    Email to and link to this thread
  • There is nothing to indicate that the plugin is particularly slow in the debug log you have sent us, but you do have an ongoing Zotero sync, which might be slowing you down. You should check Zotero performance once the sync is done.
  • hi, my zotero is slow to upload. Its a 7-page document but it takes about 25-40 seconds before it uploads a note.
    here is my Debug Id: D1576528572
  • Besides that, there are times my notes are uploaded at the wrong place when I'm making corrections. e.g., I may want the entry to be on note 3, instead it goes and replaces note 1. How do I solve such a problem?
  • @adomasven: Hi, I hope you are good. I need help.
  • @damina If the citing dialog shows up quickly for you, but citation insertion is slow, you should generate a debug ID by performing the full insertion operation: clicking Add/Edit Citation and finishing an operation with a citation insertion, then submitting the debug log once the document is updated.

    As for notes replacing other notes, could you be more specific? Could you either provide steps how to reproduce this issue in a new document or make a screen recording of the operation that produced the issue?
  • @adomasven. Thanks for responding to my mail. The issue of slow insertion of notes has stopped, after I stopped the auto sync (I may be wrong but it worked).

    On the issue of a note replacing another; If my note 1 bears the name D. Joseph and my note 2 or 3 bears M. Kevin, there are instances where I try to update note 2 or 3 and, instead of updating the specific note in question, the changes are effected in note 1 and the name D. Joseph is replaced with M. Kevin.

    The point I'm making is this: some times my notes are misplaced, making my work cumbersome.
  • @damina Wrong notes shouldn't get updated. Are you storing your citations as bookmarks (selection in Zotero document preferences).
  • @adomasven: I don't think my citations are stored as bookmarks.

    The problem I just mentioned is not in every note; it happens once a while and I have to be careful with the messages that pops up while I make changes to citations. I usually undo the note and re-do it.
  • What do you mean by "I don't think my citations are stored as bookmarks"? Do you have Store as Fields or Bookmarks selected in the document preferences?
  • I said that because of I thought storing citations as bookmarks might have caused the problem (my fault, if it does not). the problem, as I have noted, is not in all instances but only in few occasions.
  • So do you have store as Fields or Bookmarks selected? Bookmarks may cause problems as these and you should only use it if you are sharing and editing citations within this document with someone who uses LibreOffice
  • how do I differentiate fields from bookmarks? rather, how do I know that my bibliographies are in either of the two?
  • This is a Preference that you can see in the Document Preferences dialog. Open it from within the Zotero tab in Word.
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