Unable to use on PixelBook

I'm using a new PixelBook. I downloaded the Chrome connector but am consistently getting blocked from using Zotero. I have worked through the error messages and attempted to fix but unsuccessful.
  • So just to clarify upfront -- Zotero will never fully work on a Chromebook. The connector should provide you with some ability to import items, but otherwise you're stuck with what the website offers, which is very, very limited compared to the full software.

    But with that said, you should be able to use the Chrome connector. What more specifically happens when you try?

  • Any updates on this? I know Zotero works on many platforms, but with so many educational institutions beginning to implement Chrome OS and Chromebooks, I could certainly see a version that works with it perhaps being in the plans for the future.
  • Is "so many educational institutions" really true? I know Chrome OS dominates the high school market (and Zotero released the amazing https://zbib.org/ with an eye on that and that does work on Chrome OS), but I have never seen a Chromebook at a university. In any case, nothing in sight on Chrome OS beyond a better website.
  • Google is testing running Linux software on Chromebooks (https://www.zdnet.com/article/linux-comes-to-chromebooks/) so there is a possibility that the Zotero Linux client could work in the future.
  • I have several university students purchasing and using Chromebooks. I hope that Zotero catches up with the demand.
  • There's now a way to do this, though it involves a bit of customizing https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/323287/#Comment_323287
    (still highly doubtful that Chrome OS will make major inroads in the university/college market)

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