Announcing ZotEZ2 beta-testing!

edited May 4, 2018
you might have heard of ZotEZ, a third-part Android app ( that allows reading all your zotero library everywhere, online and offline, from any cloud.
In the past, it lacked native Zotero cloud support, as well as WebDav support. In addition, while being a read only application, it was not considered (by some) to be in agreement with official Zotero recommendations regarding the use of third-part clouds to store the zotero.sqlite file.

Now, we are introducing ZotEZĀ², which solves all these problems by allowing full customization. You can choose to have your database on Zotero, on a cloud, or locally, while having all your pdf in another Cloud, and even being able to set up another location for the attachments.
We are currently starting the beta testing phase and would like to recruit volunteers.

If you want to have a glimpse at it and give your feedback about this new version, register to the newsletter here:

The first 10-15 registrations will be able to join the beta-testing programme.

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