Zotero Back up and reinstall.

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I have been using zotero for a few years (very grateful for it) but I have never managed to properly reinstalling it when I reset my OS: There are always extra attachements or repeated collections. I use zotfile and Better Bib(La)Tex and these are the steps I follow:

1) Export my library with Zotero RDF including notes and files
2) Copy the dropbox folder where I save my attachements (I configure this with zotfile)
3) Install my new OS
4) Move my files back and install my software (including zotero)
5) Pause dropbox syncronization
6) Delete the folder where my folder is located
7) Install zotero addons
8) Import back my library from the file menu
9) Make zotfile manage my attachements and move them to the folder and with the name I want
10) Activate my syncing in zotero with no files

Is this right? Or should the sync option (without files) be the first step?

Thanks for any tips.
  • Export/Import is absolutely not the right way, no.

    The two recommended options for this are to either sync or to move your whole data folder https://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_data#backing_up_your_zotero_library

    Make sure you have a base directory set for relative file links under Advance/Files and Folders in the preferences, since presumably your username/computername may change after restoring, so file links change otherwise.
  • Thank you adamsmith for your reply.

    But when I use zotfile my attachements are not there. As I understood it, in this case the information is downloaded from the website.

    If I back up this folder, with the same paths/user structure, do I need to reinstall my addons?
  • You obviously need to also back-up and restore the folder where you keep the files. I don't understand the rest of the question, I'm afraid.
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