Automatically retrieving DOIs for existing library items

I tried to look for this on the forum, but wasn't able to find it. So: is it possible to find the DOIs of various items that have been properly added to a Zotero library - and preferably of course in an automated way? And is there any reason why libraries/databases (like EBSCO don't have those DOIs?
  • There isn't currently, no. Trying to do some version of this is on the list of requested features (re-fetch metadata ) but it's not trivial -- not so much because it's hard to find that information (CrossRef has a tool) but because it's tricky to decide how to do the metadata lookup right and not too much of a mess to maintain -- other people want other things like abstracts, PDFs, PMIDs, etc. that are more likely to be in different databases.

    Why someone like EBSCO doesn't trouble with DOIs I have no idea. I'd guess because of the misguided idea that they're for publishers: the DOI will typically link to a copy of the paper on the publisher's site, not on EBSCO.
  • It’s on my agenda for the next month to add this functionality to my DOI Manager plugin.
  • using the CrossRef lookup tool or something else?
  • I was planning on using the CrossRef OpenURL API, yes. I was going to look into getting my own API key rather than relying on Zotero’s.
  • Any progress on this? I really still think this would be EXTREMELY useful to many of us
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