Collection selector : action button not showing

edited May 2, 2018
I just found out about the new option to select in which collection we want to save the reference. That's a nice feature, but for some reason, the action button does not sow on my screen. The box would need to resize to fit : the label "Enregistrer dans" (French version), the name of my collections and the action button (I'm guessing it says something like "Save" or "Select"?)

I'm not sure if the problem is linked to the French version, or to the size of my collection names, or if it's something else altogether.

I'm on Windows 10, Firefox 59.0.3 and have the 5.0.37 Zotero connector.

  • Could you take a screenshot, post it somewhere (, dropbox) and link to it?
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    There's no save button, but it looks like the longer "Enregistrer dans" label (vs. "Saving to…") is pushing the disclosure triangle button off the right side.

    We'll fix this, but you can just select "Plus…" (localized "More…") from the drop-down menu to view the collections tree, which is all the disclosure button does.
  • @DominiqueP: Could you install the latest Zotero Connector beta and confirm that the disclosure button shows properly for you? (No need to install the beta version of Zotero from that page, and you can switch back to the release version of the connector whenever you want.)
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    Problem is solved with the beta version of the connector, thank you

    FYI, what it does with the 5.0.37 :
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