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Not sure whether this has been requested before:

I often end up deleting authors from a reference (and having to insert them a second time) because I need to add another author above the one(s) I deleted. It's a minor issue, but it does make a difference in the biblio output (e.g. 2nd and 3rd authors).

Being able to move authors 'up' or 'down' in the interface would be great.
  • There is a ticket for this. It has been there for awhile but it is planed.
  • This would be very useful.
  • I agree. It happens also to me, that I have to delete and reenter author names as they are imported in a wrong order due to citation mistakes imported from Goggle Scholar (especially using very old citations).
  • +1. I, too, have found that Google scholar frequently has the author order wrong.
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    In zotero, there are - + next to all currently listed authors editors etc in a reference's info section, but the + key is only active for the final author of the series. If it were possible to select the + key following the first author, thereby creating a new blank author immediately following, that would be nice.
  • Would it be possible to set the priority a bit higher on the ticket for this? Thanks.
  • Would like to chime in on this as well. Either solution -- the ability to insert names into the middle of the list, or to rearrange the list -- would be good. Hope it can find its way into the plan soon.

    I will admit an ulterior motive. I have a scheme in the works for citeproc-js that aims to remove a major stumbling block for multi-lingual and comparative citation (which both I and my students use pretty heavily). It relies, in the trial implementation, on tags written into the title and name fields to define alternate language "layers". In operation within Zotero, a user testing the implementation would need to be able to insert names for alternative language layers after the main entry for each name (to provide translations and transliterations). Among other things, this will enable the proper sorting of Chinese and Japanese citations, without a massive amount of extension work.

    (For reference, here's a link to the main discussion thread on multilingual layering.)
  • I've like to add my support this thread. It must be something wrong with me, but I regularly have authors in the wrong order or have to add authors. it would be a big improvement if authors could be dragged and dropped in the right order or if there was an arrow allowing them to be moved up and down.
  • Okay...It has been 3 years since this ticket was opened, what is the hold up!?! It is quite infuriating to have to retype all the authors names because one is out of really slows down the process. (In my case the first author appears as the last but the second and beyond are in the correct order). Activating the - and + buttons or adding up/down arrows would be wonderful! I just started using Zotero a few months ago but I am also considering Bookend...I'd prefer to donate my money into freeware, but this has got to be fixed! A 3-year outstanding ticket is very concerning, especially given several requests to fix over the past 6+ months...
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