LexisNexis Academic Translator

Is this one working for anybody? Because it isn't for me... I only see a 'Webpage with snapshot' page icon in my Chrome browser instead of the 'Save to Zotero' yellow-folder-icon I was expecting...
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    Are you using Zotero or Juris-M?

    Can you give a specific URL?
  • (The distinction is important for support triage, but the translators in the two are identical, and the translator code is closely aligned.)
  • Zotero. And see here 

  • Any news on this anybody?
  • Headed up to Uni soon, I can take a look at it today.
  • Thanks Frank!
  • I started to work on that: https://github.com/zotero/translators/pull/1643

    However, there is a newer interface named "Nexis Uni" or simply "Nexis" and the old interface still named "LexisNexis Academic". Which one do you use at your universities?
  • I did take a look, and grew very sleepy trawling through their layers of framesets, inscrutable URLs and JS-triggered popups. They work very hard on opacity at Wexis - and @zuphilip will be better able to sort through the maze than I could.
  • (And if this service breaks, it's not on anyone involved in Zotero, as the pages are something of a monument to obfuscation.)
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    @zuphilip Here at Nagoya, it's still "LexisNexis Academic."
  • I now seem to have access to both. What has history taught you about how long it might take to fix it? Or to make a new one for the LexisNexis Uni?
  • LexisNexis Uni is going to be a lot more robust. My only worry there is how well snapshots will work (though on the plus side we might be able to get PDFs), but the metadata scraping is going to be a _lot_ easier.
  • Ok, I'll leave it in all of your able hands :) And as always - thanks for your efforts!
  • Any word on this? Is there something I can download to make Nexis Uni compatible with Zotero? I'm using Firefox. Thanks!
  • Still interested too!
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