Closing the debug output window will close also Zotero

When I activate the debug output, view it and then close the window of the debut output, then also Zotero completely closes. Can we change that such that only the debug window but not Zotero itself will close?
  • I can't reproduce this on Windows 7.
  • Okay, it seems to depend a little on what you do before. I don't know an exact sequence of steps, but try to wait after all messages are through the debug output after starting Zotero, click on clear and then close the debug output, try it again for one or two times with closing on clicking the 'x' or choosing it from the menu. Anything?

    Moreover, when I first open the Add-ons in Zotero (not closing that window), and then open the debug output, it will replace the already opened add-ons window. Shouldn't that go into a new separate window?
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