[ASA Style]sentence case isn't automatically transferred to title case stored as book section

edited April 22, 2018
I'm using a style (i.e., ASA/Chicago) that requires title case, but some of the titles of my sources are stored as sentence case. They were automatically transferred into title case while I was generating a reference list. However, it was not the case when the source was stored as a "Book Section" item. The "Title" (i.e. chapter title) was transferred into title case but not the "Book Title". I only encountered this issue when the source was stored as a "Book Section" item for "Book Title" field. I have to manually transfer it to title case to solve the problem. Is this a bug or something?
  • is that the case for both Chicago and ASA style? This would be style-specific, it's not a general Zotero issue.
  • @adamsmith ASA is Chicago-based. I just tested Chicago, and it has no such issue. I guess this is an ASA issue. Possibly you can forward this issue to the language author?
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