Issue with Bibliography style in MS Word


I'm working on a custom CSL style, and it goes pretty well in the online editor preview.

However, when I use it in an already existing .doc file (with Zotero citation fields and bibliography) changing the Document preferences in the Zotero plugin, the resulting bibliography doesn't match what is expected. Every authors names should be in Small Caps, but they are now in Lowercase...

I create a new word document and add a bibliography with this style to test it. Everything is ok...

It's not a big issue as there is only 5 references, so I can get around the problem by copy/past the bibliography from an other .doc where my CSL style is functioning.
But it would be more problematic if I have the same problem with a 50 pages .doc with 200 references...

Does anyone encountered the same kind of issue ? Or have an idea of the cause/solution (MS style conflict with Zotero/CSL style maybe ?) ?

Thanks in advance,

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