How do I delete a Group Library?

I've gathered a couple of old Group Libraries from past pieces of work, and no longer need them. The other members of the 'group' have also moved on/never responded to the invitation to join the group. I'd like to clear these out, just to clear the decks, but I can't find a way of deleting them. Could someone kindly advise me, please?
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  • As a group owner, you have a "Delete Group" button at the bottom right of the group settings page (click on "Manage Profile" here ).

    Obviously only an owner can delete a group. To leave a group you don't own, click on the "Leave" button at the bottom right of the group page, i.e. the page you get to when clicking on the group's name on
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    Indeed, the red button is at the bottom of the right hand column on the group settings (via Manage Profile, as outlined above).
  • How to delete the group as I have checked there is no "leave" button. Please anyone help.
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    At the very top of the forums page (this page) find "Welcome najwa_raz"

    Click on your user name.

    To the right you will see a list of groups that you hold membership.

    Click on the group name that you want to leave.

    On the right you will see a description of the group purpose and as you scroll down a list of members.

    The Leave button is immediately above the list of members.

    (Every time I want to leave a group, I need to struggle to remember these steps. There may be another way to exit.)

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  • None of these options worked. I want to delete this library since I no longer use it (I am the admin) and there is no "delete group" option anywhere. There are a few others who used it with me tho. Not sure why I am unable to delete the group. I tried all the solutions above.
  • Are you admin or owner? Only the owner can delete a group (as admin you can leave it)
  • It took me a while to find this too. You want
    Home > Groups > *library name* > Settings > Group settings > "Delete Group" button on the right
  • Thank you!! I was on that page earlier and just didn't see it. <3
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