moving records from my library to group library sometimes goes wrong

Dear all,

we work with a group library and very often team members move files from their local library to the group library.

It has now occurred to us that this is not always successful, and results sometimes and without any understandable pattern for us into a different record being moved around.

for example I take the record of an article by Guidi of 1911 from my personal library and move it to a new collection in the group library and there appears... Guidi 1908. or even worst I move Abele 1987 and there appears Pankurst 2003.

Has anyone experienced this behaviour? we are all working with 5.0.44 standalone.

thank you very much
  • That's very strange. The only time something like that should happen is if 1) you previously dragged an item to the group library, 2) it was modified in some way (e.g., changing 1908 to 1911), and 3) you re-dragged the original item to another collection in the group library. Zotero doesn't re-copy items that are already in the target library and will instead add the existing item to the target collection, so the existing item in the target library would be added to that collection.

    Beyond that, this definitely shouldn't happen.

    If you delete Guidi 1911 in the group library and empty the trash, and then drag again, does it happen again? If so, can you provide a Debug ID?
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