Issue with ACS Nano Letters (or "Nano Letters") Citation Style

First, I apologize if people ask this sort of thing all the time. I tried searching for a solution to the problem, and I tried correcting the citation style manually (to no avail).

The "Nano Letters" citation style from the Zotero Style Repository has several issues with it. The bibliography includes the article title and publication issue number, neither of which should be included. Also, the journal abbreviations don't seem to follow the standard CASSI abbreviations. For example, my bibliography reads "Journal of Applied Physics" when it should be "J. Appl. Phys.".

I tried editing the "nano-letters" file manually, but it doesn't include any of this information. I also tried editing the "American Chemical Society" file manually. I was able to remove the title, but couldn't figure out how to fix the abbreviation issue.
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