Capitalizing the lowercase portion of author name in short form


I work a lot with Arabic texts that have author names like Abdullah ibn Malak, where "ibn" I refers to parentage (literally meaning "son of"). The standard way to refer to these authors—the "last" name—is "Ibn Malak," not just Malak, and it's standard to lowercase iIbn" when used with the first name and to capitalize it when not. So you can't just use "Malak" as the last name. I'm trying to figure out a way to get Zotero to put the name in as "Abdullah ibn Malak" (lowercase) for first appearance and then "Ibn Malak" (capitalized) for short-form subsequent appearances and in the bibliography. Can't figure it out.

If it requires code, kindly give me a clear walk-through of where to put it. I'm not a coder but can figure it out with instructions. Thanks for your help!
  • Isnt' that similar to the Dutch van/Van (where we haven't been able to find a decent solution)?
  • I remember this was raised not too long ago, and I didn't do anything about it. Are there edge cases that make it difficult, or does the processor just need to be unbroken?
  • I think part of the problem with "van" was that it doesn't behave the same way everywhere -- it's van Beethoven (and similar with other non-Dutch "vans", but Van Gogh etc. So not fixable in citeproc without significant additional effort if at all.

    "Ibn" seems more universal, so that might be worth just hardcoding in the processor (ideally in a way that it's easy to add other name particles if needed) if no one has objections.
  • Isn't the diff between Beethoven and Gogh captured by [Beethoven][Ludwig von] vs [van Gogh][Vincent]?
  • In that case it probably is, yes, so not a good example, but if you have someone who typically keeps the van as part of their lastname but doesn't uppercase it (as is common in the US), then there's no way to make that distinction anymore.
  • It's been a long time since I last looked at name particle handling, but doesn't enclosure in quotes cover that case?
  • It should AFAIR.
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